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Split Leather Sofa

What is split leather?

Split leather is a type of leather commonly found on less expensive sofas, or on areas of least wear, such as on the backs and sides of a sofa.

After tanning, a leather hide is about 8 mm thick, which is too thick to be used on sofas. A technique called splitting is used to slice the leather into thinner, more usable pieces. The top layer, called top grain, is used for more expensive applications. The bottom layers are used for suede, or in the furniture industry manufacturing as split leather.

Before being used on sofas, the split leather has an imitation leather grain embossed onto its surface, much like corrected grain leather. This creating gives it a more natural appearance.

Split leather is much weaker less durable than the top grain leather. A sofa that uses split leathers is not recommended for heavy use.


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