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Leather Sofa Care Guide

Once you have made a substantial investment in your new leather sofa, take a few moments to read our tips on how to prolong the life of your leather sofa. Your new sofa can give you years of pleasure if looked after properly.

Dust and dirt can accelerate the wear of your new sofa. Regular cleaning of your leather sofa will keep it looking great. In most cases, all you need to clean your leather sofa is a damp cloth. Avoid using chemical cleaning agents or spray polishes. They are not necessary and can damage the leather's finish.

Leather is susceptible to dye transfer, which is more noticeable on lighter colours of leather. Avoid sitting on your sofa with wet clothing, particularly denim, which usually has a high dye content. Leaving newspapers on the arms of a leather sofa is another common cause of dye transfer.

Keep sharp objects such as scissors and keys away from your sofa, as leather can easily be scratched or cut. A cut or scratch in your leather sofa can be very noticeable, and very expensive to fix.

If you do happen to spill liquid on your leather sofa, use kitchen roll to blot the affected area until dry. DO NOT RUB the area, as this can cause discolouration or remove the leather finish.

Avoid sitting in the same place all the time. Try to alternate where you sit to distribute the wear evenly across your sofa. It's good idea is to occasionally change the layout of the room to encourage you to use the other seats of your sofa. Avoid sitting on the edges of the seat cushions, as this can cause them to become misshapen and increases wear.

If your home is empty during the day, it is recommended that you draw your curtains or blinds to reduce the amount of direct sunlight your sofa receives. Sunlight WILL fade the colour of the leather. Fading can be dramatically reduced by avoiding unnecessary exposure.

The arms of your sofa are for your arms. Avoid sitting on them or placing heavy objects on them, as this can weaken or damage the sofa's frame.

Keep your sofa at least 30 cm away from strong heat sources such as radiators. Heat can cause the leather on your sofa to dry out, causing unsightly cracks


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