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Sofa Serpentine Springs

What are serpentine springs?

serpentine springsserpentine springs are springs made from steel wire that is shaped into a continuous s shape. The steel wire used to make serpentine springs is typically 9 gauge, but can vary from one manufacturer to the next.

Steel serpentine springs are the most common type of steel spring used to support the seating platform of a sofa. High quality sofas will sometimes have serpentine springs that are copper coated to prevent corrosion.

When out shopping for your new sofa it is worth noting how many springs are used in the construction of the sofa. More springs that are used the firmer the seating will be. Five serpentine springs per seat is recommended.

All serpentine springs should be joined together horizontally with cord. This is to ensure that all springs act as one when supporting the weight of the person sitting down. Without these joining cords the steel springs are likely to brake away from their anchors or snap all together.

How to check if a sofa uses serpentine springs?checking serpentine springs

You can easily check if a sofa is uses serpentine springs and how many are used by simply placing you hand under a seat cushion and having a feel of the seating platform. If serpentine springs have been used you should be able to feel them.

If the cushions are not removable, tipping the furniture on to its side and looking under the dust cloth is another good Technique. This can be done by removing a few staples.


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