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Chenille Fabric Sofa

What is chenille fabric?chenille fabric

Chenille fabric used on sofas is becoming increasingly popular. Chenille is a thick fabric createdfrom yarn that has a raised tufted pile. When chenille yarn is later woven together to create a fabric, it is the tufted yarn that gives the chenille fabric its soft, textured surface.

The word chenille is the French word for caterpillar. This name was given to chenille because of the unique way that chenille yarn is created.

Chenille yarn is created by twisting shorter threads of yarn called pile threads between two core threads of yarn. The shorter pile threads then poke out atright angles. Its these pile threads poking out that gives the yarn a fussy, tufted appearance that looks rather like a caterpillar.

Chenille is most commonly manufactured from cotton but it can also be created from materials such as polyester, rayon, wool and even silk.

Is a chenille fabric sofa right for me?

Chenille fabric comes in a wide variety of colours and looks great with almost any décor. It is a great choice if you want to add a little luxury to your home and can be very durable if it is looked after properly.

Chenille fabric can display a lot of shade variation and can also have a beautiful iridescent look to it, due to the fabric scattering light in different directions. Chenille fabric will often look different from different angles; This is a natural characteristic of chenille fabric.

Sometimes a  lower quality chenille can loose its pile threads resulting in a bare looking fabric. This is due to the pile working its way loose from the main yarn threads. Most manufacturers of chenille fabric have combated this problem by melting nylon thread within the yarn to lock the pile in place.

How to maintain a chenille fabric sofa

To maintain the look of your chenille fabric sofa be sure to vacuum it regularly using the brush attachment. This will reduce the build up of dust which can quickly dull the colour of the chenille. It is not recommended that water or any other cleaning products are used on chenille as these can destroy the tufted pile yarns, causing the fabric to flatten.

If you happen to get a stain on your chenille fabric sofa, do not attempt to clean it yourself as you may make the situation worse and possibly damage the surrounding area. Contact a professional upholstery cleaning company who will be able to offer a dry cleaning service for your sofa.

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